How does your #officechaos2017 look like?

How does your office chaos look like in 2017?
Wohoo, we got breaking news - the year 2016 is about to end. Quite soon. For some that means the end of the best sales year ever, for some it has been the first year owning your own business, some of us have been struggling a lot and some a little bit less.

But what had really happened during the year?

This year we have been looking for video about a man working out with his cat, getting excited about Pokemón Go (and already forgot about it) and voting the Trump for President. Leicester city won the English Premier League (that was amazing), Portugal took over France in UEFA (which was not that surprising turné, but the game itself was exiting) and world lived a while talking about Brexit.

And of course we got our new iPhone 7 which inspired us to have small laughs. In Finland we fell in love with Nyhtökaura, got new Harry Potter, listened to Drakes "One Dance" (in Finland we listened to finnish hip-hop duo JVG´s "Hehkuu", tho), and we wanted to find out how to use VR-glasses effectively.

First, we talked about responsive webshops, then we started to take a look for mobile experience and multichannel. And logistics, 'cause that is just something we are used to talk about. We talked about them already last year, this year we happily also acted more. We talked about mobile payment, but we are still waiting for it to happen.rawpixel-com-284730.jpgIn the end of the year it is good to celebrate the winnings of the year. But it is even more important to take look on the future. So take a moment and think how would you like it to look like?

We are going to spend our next year developing our core product, of course. But beside that we are truly going to spend some time around our business processes, metrics and finding out new ways of thinking and helping our customers. In our marketing we are excited about next year's blog, which will talk about those themes that growing businesses like us are constantly dealing with: data, metrics, tools and of course, automation.

What you are up to?

We would like to know what topics are on your to do list during 2017. Or maybe later, tho. What´s in your plate? We are making a survey to find out which are the most interesting themes, be kind and do your part.


Julkaistu Dec 12, 2016

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Emma Kyyrä

Emma Kyyrä

Emma worked at Flashnode 2016 and 2017 as marketing professional. Here's her profile from that time: If you should know one thing of Emma, it’s her passion for running. And shoes.. and buildings! Emma works in Flashnode’s marketing team and she’s a real multi-talent with a great visual eye and writing skills, just to mention few of them.

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