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Infographic: Get started with integrations

Going down well-known paths is always easier than exploring new terrain. For centuries this metathor has been used for basically all aspects of life and many entrepreneurs amongst the readers can relate to it. Naturally, we notice this too and let our customers benefit from our experience right off the start. With this blog post, I want to share our launch process for a working integration. In an effort to keep the plain text to a minimum, I compressed all info into a short infographic. 

While we continuously extend our service itself, our process is well established. But that doesn't mean we just push you into email workflows. Phone calls and meetings are proven to be far more effective than endless, confusing email chains. Clarification and mutual agreement is key before moving on to the next stage in the process below.

In previous articles, my colleagues and I illustrate how powerful integrations are. However, the more options are available the more important it is to clearly isolate what is required. Together with you, we identify what data types you need to move as part of you business processes and choose the integration which matches best. In the second step, we define the settings of the integration, e.g. whether all orders or only paid orders are going to be transferred. Such rules assure that everything runs smoothly later when the everyday business continues as usual. Before activating the automation, we thoroughly verify its quality. We jointly test that it fulfils all definitions agreed on earlier. Once the integration is up and running, we listen. So don't hesitate and shoot your questions at us.
Same goes for this blog post. If you have a question about any of the steps, just click contact us. The quickest way to do so is by clicking the button below.

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Julkaistu May 3, 2018

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Hendrik Wistuba

Hendrik Wistuba

Hendrik's interest in languages is only topped by his curiosity for technology. Plus he has a good analytical eye.

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