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Keep this in mind when preparing for the sales season

Every other season your webshop gets run over. This doesn't have to be around Christmas time it could very well be in summer depending on your product range and general direction.

One of our customers, FinnFlame, is selling BBQ equipment and spare parts. If you’re interested to hear what their summer seasons are like click the link below:

The sales season may put pressure on your entire business. Whereas we aren’t experts in running a webshop or shipping out products we do know fine share about your software and all the bits and bytes behind it. Read how much frustration and time you can save your team and decide yourself what you’ll do with it instead!

In certain seasons, you receive extraordinarily many orders. Those peaks may cause a lot of overtime or a lot of joy and cheering but one thing is for sure. They cause a lot of data - mostly order data. This data is created by users of your webshop and in many cases has to be transferred into your accounting system. Depending on the software you use, there might be a handy solution in the extension store of your eCommerce platform but usually there isn’t.


You’ll literally face a typing marathon. Think of all the working hours gone to waste just because your accounting system and your webshop don’t work together. Next time it can be different. You can make the change. Even though you might find quick workarounds on the internet I recommend you to go for a stable and adaptable solution. Instead of small and stiff bits of piecework use a bulletproof system.

You don’t just use any software. You carefully selected your eCommerce platform. So why rely on a 2-minute Google search for the data transfer? The benefits of an integration system are numerous.

  • You receive fast support from industry experts.
  • You don’t lose any setup. Even upon a software switch you can keep you transfer going.
  • You get a custom-tailored integration that covers all your needs.

Give it a shot and try our low-priced service! flashnode.com

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Julkaistu Sep 20, 2017

Aiheet: integration, ecommerce, accounting, processes

Hendrik Wistuba

Hendrik Wistuba

Hendrik's interest in languages is only topped by his curiosity for technology. Plus he has a good analytical eye.

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