You should never be sorry for measuring

You know it, measuring your business is important. We all know it, we actually also talk about it. We boast about it, bring up the nice numbers, (at least better than the other one can do). For questions we prefer answering with the numbers we don´t actually know anything about - or maybe we know, but we take care that the one that is listening does not.
This is not the whole truth, I just want to make you feel a bit uncomfortable. 
I’m the kind of girl that loves numbers. I know that I’m not the only one in the world (and we truly notice when we meet another "number people"..). But I also know that there are many people who just do not care. All in all, numbers are something I can talk right from my heart. Pure love.
Some people used to think that I am lucky to be in love with numbers - they think that it makes life easier as I don´t need to find motivation to calculate and follow up stuff. But let me show you the other side. 
When I am walking, I keep counting steps between street lights. At the supermarket I count the amount of stuff there is in the store. When choosing apples or pic&mix nuts I want the amount to match some specific number. You keep tracking everything, the minutes you brush your teeth, the time it takes to take shower - and you want to be better every day at everything.
At the end this makes your life hard. The world is full of numbers and stuff you can calculate. But if you keep calculating everything, you are not able to follow anything. There is no point on tracking and calculating if it does not have any impact in your actions and life in general.
And that comes to the business and working life also. I would like to track everything. I would calculate the numbers of words I am writing, the amount of minutes I use with every specific tasks, the minutes people spend reading our content as a whole. And the list keeps continuing. The data which I end up, is not worth the effort and it takes my attention to somehow pointless numbers.
And this is just the same with your business. With all kind of lovely apps and tools there is, you are able to track anything you can ever wonder. We are surrounded with a huge amount of metrics. Google offers 355 000 000 results with only 0,57 seconds to the question ”what to measure in business” (I know you can use more specific keywords, but to remain honest - that is something you would start with). It is not easy to find out which are the KPI´s that would help you the most. Which are the most important metrics you need to follow. But it’s worth the effort if you want to grow.
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In my personal life I have found my Key Performance Indicators. Those are the steps I take, the hours I sleep and the money I spend. I have made it easy for me to follow - I don’t need to take care if the data is tracked because it is done automatically. Every week I take a look for that data (need to say, sometimes I do it more often) and learn something new from it. This learning part might sound funny, but before you start questioning, you should try yourself. 

Julkaistu Feb 17, 2017

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Emma Kyyrä

Emma Kyyrä

Emma worked at Flashnode 2016 and 2017 as marketing professional. Here's her profile from that time: If you should know one thing of Emma, it’s her passion for running. And shoes.. and buildings! Emma works in Flashnode’s marketing team and she’s a real multi-talent with a great visual eye and writing skills, just to mention few of them.

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