Reduce Friction in your Business

Friction, the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another (Wikipedia), can be found in business too. Especially in business processes where two or more things need to interact. If you manage to reduce friction things move smoother and faster and with less effort. In many businesses, activing integrations between systems, reduces this friction! 

Friction in business processes

After working years in diverse start-ups, SMEs and huge enterprises, I've seen a lot of processes, communication methods, working patterns and various other ways to get something done. Building steady processes is not an easy task, nor it is keeping them updated and running. It's however necessary.

Also when processes have friction built-in, you (or your business) cannot survive without it. It would be like driving a car without any traffic rules - yeah. If you stay alone in your own yard, it might work. But otherwise out there it could be fatal.

Having the processes in place is the first and very important step - so think about that for a while: Do you know (and have you documented it) how things get done in your company?

If you answer yes, then you also know that the processes could probably be better. When people interact with other people or systems or when systems interact with each other, there's also some friction.

Reducing the friction between the people is a job for HR and the whole team (or you as an business owner), but when it comes to the friction related to people or systems acting with other systems, you have some simple things to improve the processes.


Reducing the friction with integrations

With the straight-forward Integration as a Service, you pay just a monthly fee to have your systems communication with each other. You can get for example your eCommerce orders automatically to your accounting - without the friction of manually entering the orders to the other systems and another person doing some bookkeeperish tricks.

Having the stockbalaces up-to-date in your webstore will reduce the potential friction between you and your customers as you can really deliver what the webshop says.

And the same applies for data transfers between cashier systems (POS), customer relationship management tools (CRM) and warehousing systems. And many more. We're convinced that you can reduce the friction with integrations!

Getting started

The thing with friction is, that is doesn't get less by the time. There'll always be more and more friction if you don't act. Our two best tips to get the friction reduced are:

  1. Talk with people and do things with them to reduce the friction in human interactions
  2. Start with integrations to reduce the friction when people or systems are acting with systems.

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Julkaistu Jul 6, 2017

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Tomi Räsänen

Tomi Räsänen

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