The difference between preparing breakfast and transferring orders

When talking about productivity, many people say things like “Your time is limited, but your energy is not.” I strongly disagree with them. Here’s why I think so and which alternative could help to save the day.

No matter how passionate you are about what you’re doing, your time and energy is limited. Let’s take my morning routine for example. Getting up early is not hard for me, but every day I need the same amount of time to get ready. So sometimes in the middle of a busy week, I wish I could speed things up.


When tasks follow a repetitive pattern like all my mornings do, there is the potential to save a lot of time. This is true not only for my mornings but also for business matters like processing orders. Entrepreneurs around the world have many reasons to start a business, but being finally able to do their own accounting is not one of them, I presume. Nonetheless, they can’t usually help it and they have to develop a routine for it even if it eats up a lot of their time. Therefore, many entrepreneurs and business persons share my wish during a normal business day:

"I wish I could speed things up."

Now there’s more than one way to improve the situation.  I could have breakfast outside every morning or to put it into more technical terms: I could outsource the preparation of my breakfast to an external service provider. I admit it sounds quite complicated for buying a sandwich at a bakery or corner shop but that’s exactly how you would call it to hire an accountant for your business - outsourcing.

Nobody would argue however, that having breakfast at home is a lot cheaper alternative. Same goes for your accounting too. To have an accountant, is really handy for important parts like reporting, statements and tax advisory. If you ask him or her to process every single order and invoice, the fees you’ll have to pay at the end of the month might be quite big.

But don’t worry there’s an alternative: automation!

I would love to have a button that I can press in the morning and some machine is preparing my breakfast while I’m having a shower. Unfortunately, this is either very expensive or complicated to build by myself. However, when it comes to accounting, this already exists. A fast and simple, one-time setup will do tedious accounting tasks for you. However, I would still recommend you to work with your accountant of choice, but think of it like a fully automatic coffee machine. One press of a button in the morning and your coffee will be ready when you are. Flashnode works the same for your accounting with one exception:

The price is less like an automatic coffee machine and more like the one of a cheap french press. 

Have a look at our App pages and find out if your accounting software is already supported. Or check out our free guide about the Basics of integrations.

Julkaistu Aug 1, 2017

Aiheet: accounting, processes, automation

Hendrik Wistuba

Hendrik Wistuba

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