Mar 2, 2017

The 5 best metrics to measure the growth of your SaaS company (Leadfeeder case) »

SaaS, metrics, data

I met up with the Flashnode marketing team while we were storming Slush last year and we got talking about how our respective companies were performing. I work for a SaaS startup called Leadfeeder and it became pretty evident that we...
Feb 17, 2017

You should never be sorry for measuring

You know it, measuring your business is important. We all know it, we actually also talk about it. We boast about it, bring up the nice numbers, (at least better than the other one can do). For questions we prefer answering with the...
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Feb 13, 2017

How dashboards help your business grow

Dashboard here, dashboard there - awesome looking setups with numbers and colours indicating how your business is running. Sounds great and it can be that! Every company should have a dashboard or several dashboards focusing on...
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