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Things to know about integrations before buying (Free resources)

Before picking up the phone or submitting a form and getting a free demonstration about the possibilities of integrations, many people want to do some research themselves. That's really understandable. Usually the faster and better way would be to get the free initial consultation and hear about the possibilities, but if you want to do some digging yourself first, we've gathered here the main things and materials you should be aware of.

These items and materials work also as a checklist and starting point when you're trying to figure out if automation and integrations could bring your company additional value and efficiency. If you notice yourself nodding and resonating with the points discussed, you should definitely book the free demo to get into the details.

What could and should be automated?

Best way to identify processes and other things that could be perhaps automated, is to look at all the repetitive things that happen in your organisation. The things that usually require manual labour and are being repeated, are the low-hanging-fruits for the automation.

Perhaps your sales people, e-com managers and bookkeepers are entering customer and order related data again to some system, even if the data actually already exists in another system (Example: Copying order/invoicing related data from eCommerce store to accounting/ERP). Our guide "Basics of integrations" in concentrating on this theme. The guide explains usual system setups, what kind of data you should probably transfer automatically, how the data can be moved between various systems and how to get there.

Download guide

What integrations are directly available?

We are building a network of compatible software. This means that once we've built the connections between Flashnode and another system, the system becomes compatible with all other systems we support. If you ask, Why is this good for you, it's quite simple. We're saving tons of money and hours as we don't need to build 1to1 connection between all kinds of system combinations. This means that you're not paying for the actual integration development, that's done already. Naturally we need to setup the integration for you with matching settings and keep the integrations running, but the biggest chunk of work is done for you in the past already.

Easiest way to see the integrations ecosystem is to have a look at the supported systems. Just click the logo you know to see what integration are available for that particular software. And to take it one step further, when you're at the "app page" choose a pair for the integration. We'll show what integration are directly available and which might require some extra work. 

How do I calculate if it's worth it (ROI)?

When making decisions about investing money to anything, it makes sense to think about the return of the investment. While in some cases it's hard to measure the added productivity or accumulated savings with automation it's quite simple. All you have to do is to estimate (or better: track) you're working hours for a week to see how many hours you are spending weekly on repetitive tasks.

When you have a rough number in your head, jump to our Savings/ROI calculator to see how much money you could per month. Example: If you're using 6 hours per week to transfer order/invoice related data from a system to another, you would end up saving 435 EUR every month, or you could use those 6 extra hours to increase your sales and make the ROI even better. 

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Other useful resources for integrations

We at Flashnode really want to help you get forwards with automation. That's our purpose and we want to convince you that integrations can really help you. But if you're not 100% convinced yet, you might want to have a look what our customers, people just like you, are saying.

A quote from the Sales Director of Saxed: "We've been able to enhance our customer experience simply by automating the invoicing of eCommerce sales. It also saves tons of our time on weekly basis". A good example of almost instant benefits we help our customers to achieve.

More customer stories

If we got your interest and you're curious what awaits you, I'd recommend you to check out our Getting Started page. HInt: There's a downloadable infographic for you to share with your colleagues.


Julkaistu Nov 7, 2018

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