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What to do when time is not enough? What to do when it just doesn’t work out?

In the past, our customers constantly faced challenges that are less depending on the software itself but more on the good software not working together smoothly. Much handwork and typing information from one place to another results. 

This is often the common case between e-commerce and accounting. Problems usually escalate when the pace accelerates. You find yourself using more and more time typing rather than doing something more sensible.


Ville_Kukkonen_sadex_round.png"Integration brought our eCommerce billing under Netvisor, that we use for our accounting. This has saved hours of our weekly job."
 - Ville Kukkonen, Sadex


When the stock has it’s own life

Maintaining the actual inventory in a separate software is often not enough. Information from the stock system should also be available in the webshop. Of course the customer wants to know if the products are available.

Well, many merchants know it and conscientiously copy information between webshop and stock system but frankly now - is this a sensible thing to do?

Orders are delayed when they are handled manually

It is great when there is orders in your webshop - the more the better. It is still worth noting a couple of tantalizing things that you will only realize when it really starts to happen. 

Are your customers able to pay with invoices? Have you anticipated how many orders you need to type to your accounting to serve the customers during the highest sales peak? This may become costly quite quickly. So a speedy handling is preferable. 

It affects your accountant's work too. Even though we have reason to believe they are the ones who love number crunching there is more effective way than approving the payments one by one to the accounting books.Sadex-Flashnode.png

One of our customers, Sadex Oy, went through all this touble. Luckily they found a solution that worked for them:

"Thanks to the integration, we no longer get customer complaints about our billing. Now the invoices are sent from our accounting software and there are no mistakes in them. The integration brought our eCommerce billing to Netvisor which we use for accounting. This saves hours of work every week. We've been able to enhance our customer experience simply by automating the invoicing of eCommerce sales. It also saves a lot of our time." - Sadex

Julkaistu Apr 27, 2017

Aiheet: Netvisor, integration

Emma Kyyrä

Emma Kyyrä

Emma worked at Flashnode 2016 and 2017 as marketing professional. Here's her profile from that time: If you should know one thing of Emma, it’s her passion for running. And shoes.. and buildings! Emma works in Flashnode’s marketing team and she’s a real multi-talent with a great visual eye and writing skills, just to mention few of them.

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