Why Finnish accountants like Integrations

Accountancy professionals work very closely with their customers. Their service includes more than just composing tax reports and annual statements, e.g. financial consulting, management and reporting. The data provided by SMEs is not only processed into accounts it’s also used to return them custom statistics and financial advice. Hence, up-to-date data is incredibly important for accounting offices.

“Real-time accountancy makes it possible to focus on the right things. You are able to do more and give more value when financial management is focusing on the future - not just looking into the rearview mirror and taking care of the stuff that happened in the past.” - Samuli Saviala, Accounting EMU

In times of web-based services, not a local proximity is required but a seamless software landscape. The achievements recorded by the customers’ systems need to be visible for the accountants in real time. If the data is outdated or even simply wrong the statements are compromised and any advisory may be misleading.
As a result, unsatisfied customers may be leaving their accountants even though they did their best based on the information they got.

“Compatibility is a must:
Software compatibility is a must when providing comprehensive and high quality accountancy service.” - Samuli Saviala, Accounting EMU

Regardless of how great modern business software is, most apps still lack this crucial compatibility. Especially small and medium-sized businesses go for multiple, different systems as their needs grow instead of using a large ERP solution. With the right usage however, these systems have the same potential as a full ERP.hannah-wei-84051.jpgFinnish accountants help their customers to connect their software and yield many benefits for the companies and themselves. They see the same numbers in accounting as their customers do in their eCommerce or POS:

  • the correct numbers without typos
  • booked in real time
  • to the correct ledger accounts.

This automation happens with a so called integration. An integration is the connection of 2 or more software solutions. It spares a lot of troubles and unnecessary expenses. Instead of doing a lot of manual typing, SMEs pay a small monthly fee. The automation of tedious tasks brings digital accountancy services to the next level. Finnish accountants can focus on reporting and advising while their customers can focus on growing business.

Step up your innovation game and inform yourself about accounting integrations today.

Julkaistu Aug 14, 2017

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Hendrik Wistuba

Hendrik Wistuba

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